Motecha - Conveyors


Our belt, chain, scraper, tubular chain and screw conveyors are practical, uniquely designed, and suited to the transportation of waste and other materials and elements of various weights and sizes, as well as the facilitation of their sorting and processing productivity.

We design belt conveyors according to each customer’s specific needs and requirements – straight or curved, with actuators positioned in different places. Our company makes several types of belt conveyors (sliding table, roller, roller trough or mixed) by combining different types of mechanisms.

  • Roller conveyors are used to transport various materials with a density of up to 250 kg/m3. The belt rolls on the rollers, minimising friction.
  • A sliding table conveyor is most often used for manual sorting, when a belt with a special cord slides on a metal frame.

We manufacture individual belt conveyors or install them in larger systems of conveyors (transporters).

The most common uses of chain conveyors include landfills, logistics centres, production lines, waste and packaging sorting centres. These are reinforced-design installations, recessed into the floor and used to transport/transfer heavier and bulkier materials to a press, production line, or other unit. Their unique design makes it possible to arrange them in an L, Z or other shape.

Screw conveyors are most often used to transport and reload various bulk products and materials. They can be used vertically, horizontally or at an angle.

  • Our products are covered by a warranty. We draft a maintenance plan and, if necessary, supply additional parts and perform repairs.
  • After learning more about your business needs, we will suggest the most suitable types of conveyors to install.

We offer: