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Waste sorting lines

Waste sorting lines are used to collect and separate specific kinds of waste from the general waste stream, sorting by material, shape or other special properties.

  • Household waste sorting lines are designed to collect, separate and prepare recyclable paper, plastic, glass, textile, wood packaging, etc. from the general municipal waste stream.
  • Secondary raw material sorting lines are used for additional sorting and preparation for recycling of different types of secondary raw materials (paper, plastic, glass, etc.).
  • Construction scrap sorting lines are designed to separate concrete, metal, brick, wood, plasterboard, plastic and paper waste suitable for recycling from construction scrap into different fractions.

Custom solutions           

Our portfolio includes different types of waste sorting lines for Lithuanian and foreign customers. We will assess your specific industry, needs and expectations, and will prepare an individual sorting line project. This will help mechanise your work processes, save time and money, and ensure operational efficiency.

Plastic washing lines

Plastic washing line for hard plastic PP/PE trading, metal separation, washing and drying.